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How to Adopt from the Shelter

-  After you have reserved an animal for adoption, there is a next business day waiting period before the animal can be adopted.

-  This reserve hold is good until close of that next business day.  After this time, the animal's reserve hold will be removed unless you call and make new arrangements.

-  You must bring with you at the time of your adoption of your new pet:
    -  Photo I.D.
    -  $18.00 in cash only for adoption fees.
    -  A MONEY ORDER for $9.95 made out to the American Kennel Club to register the microchip.
    -  A prepaid receipt from a Veterinarian of your choice for:
        -  A spay or neuter of the animal
        -  One rabies vaccination
        -  One distemper vaccination

-  If an animal has a medical condition, the shelter staff will inform you as to what extra prepayment will be needed to the Veterinarian before the adoption.

-  If the animal is pregnant, the shelter needs to be notified immediately.  The animal needs to be spayed.  If the animal is too far along to spay call the shelter when the animals are born.  The puppies or kittens need to be returned to the shelter.

-  Please call the shelter the day before you pick up the animal to review your adoption procedures at (317)745-9250.

-  No refunds from the vet for any unused monies will be given unless the animal is returned to the shelter, or proof is shown to the shelter that a new vet has been pre-paid.  If the animal dies before sterilization the body needs to be viewed by the shelter or a Veterinarian to confirm the pets pasing.  Animals adopted from the shelter that get sick or are not working out for your family, please call the sheler.  We will try to help you.

The shelter cannot guarantee the health of any animal.  Make your appointment with the Veterinarian for your animal as soon as possible.