Frequently Asked Questions:

(Q) Why is all of my property tax information available on the internet? 

(A)  Hendricks County has and still is experiencing tremendous growth.  Within the growth, come increased workloads to our staffs, but budgets are not growing enough to allow for additional staff.  In efforts to alleviate calls into our offices and allow time to get the additional work completed, we placed the information on the web.  All the information is the matter of public record and may be obtained by a phone call or visit to our offices.

(Q) How can I contact the Assessor with questions about my property?

(A)  A taxpayer may e-mail us at, or call (317)745-9207 for assistance.

(Q) Can I disagree with my assessment?

(A)  A taxpayer my appeal their assessment but not their tax amount.  A taxpayer should review their property record to ensure that the objective data is correct e.g. square footage, plumbing fixtures, finished attics and basements.  The bottom line assessment is most important.  If your assessment is not in the approximate area of the fair market value in use, then you may file a Form 130 with our office.

(Q) Why is my assessment $150,000 and I only paid $145,000?

(A)  Please remember we do mass appraisals, not fee appraisals like you mortgage lender may do. With mass appraisals there is usually going to be the high, low, and average assessments.

(Q) Is there any way I can reduce my property taxes?

(A)  Check with the Hendricks County Auditor to be sure you have all of the exemptions you are entitled to have.

Hendricks County Assessor's Office

Department Mailing Address:
355 South Washington Street #201
Danville, IN  46122

Email Address: 

Phone Number:  (317)745-9207

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.

    Larry Scott, Assessor
    Nicole Lawson, Chief Deputy Assessor

View Hendricks County Tax and Assessment Data Lookup

    IH-14 (Consent to Transfer)

    Form 130 (Petition for Review of Assessment by Local Assessing Official)
    Form 135 (Affidavit of Destroyed Property)

    Form 136 (Application for Property Tax Exemption)
Indiana Department of Local Government Finance
    State Form 46021 (Sales Disclosure Form Version V9)
Form 102 (Farmer's Tangible Personal Property Return)
Form 103-ERA (Schedule of Deduction from Assessed Valuation Personal Property in ERA)
    Form 103-Long (Business Tangible Personal Property Return)
    Form 103-Short (Business Tangible Personal Property Return)
    Form 104 (Business Tangible Personal Property Form)
    Form 106 (Schedule of Adjustments to Business Tangible Personal Property)
    Form 103-N
    Form 103-O

    Rental Data Letter
    USDA Aerial Info

The Hendricks County Assessor's Office provides the following services:
    -  Property record cards upon request.  If you need several, call ahead to save time.
    -  Process Consent to Transfers.
    -  Answer questions about your assessment.

The Primary Functions of the Hendricks County Assessor's Office:
    -  Assessment of Real Property & Personal Property for the 12 townships.
    -  Real Estate and Personal Property Appeals.
    -  Calculate inheritance tax.

In general, the Hendricks County Assessor performs the following duties:
    -  Oversees the General Reassessment process.
    -  Insures countywide uniform Property Assessment Equalization.
    -  Acts as the Inheritance Tax Appraiser and represents the Inheritance Tax Division.
    -  Discovers and identifies omitted property.
    -  Calculates the assessed value of all real property in each taxing district.
    -  Calculates the total assessed value of each taxing district.
    -  Certifies current Assessments to the County Auditor's Office.
    -  Utilizes recent sales of land (Sales Disclosures) to establish base market rates and values in each
             neighborhood, adjusts base values for location, nearness to amenities and other influence factors.
    -  Is responsible for the selection of Assessment Software and Computer Systems.