Hendricks County Auditor's Office

Department Mailing Address:
355 South Washington Street #202
Danville, IN  46122

Email Address:  auditordept@co.hendricks.in.us

Phone Number:  (317)745-9300

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.

    Cinda Kattau, Auditor  -  ckattau@co.hendricks.in.us
    Jayson R. Puckett, Chief Deputy Auditor  -  jrpuckett@co.hendricks.in.us

    Tax Rates for 2010 Payable 2011
    Tax Rates for 2011 Payable 2012
    Tax Rates for 2012 Payable 2013

    Tax Rates for 2013 Payable 2014
    Tax Rates for 2014 Payable 2015
Department of Local Government Finance (DGLF) fact sheet about Tax Deductions & Credits

The Hendricks County Auditor's Office provides the following services:
    Payroll, accounts payable, tax sale, budget rates, official record keeper of ordinances, contracts, bonds, letters of credit,
        minutes, bids, bond bank application, additional appropriations, transfers, administers all grants and funds, audits
        claims, maintains fixed assets, transfers property, administers TIF, CAGIT, FIT, wheel tax, surtax, excise tax, tax
        calculations, notification of Tax Board hearings and responsible for tax rate chart, administers tax abatements;
        transmits budget orders for all units of government, deductions-homestead, mortgage, veterans, age, disability;
        maintains all property records; certifies signatures on petitions, prepares W-2’s and 1099’s; responsible for payment
        of tax to IRS, FICA, IN Department of Revenue; responsible for distribution of tax dollars to taxing units; receipting
        of all revenue of the county; account for and maintain over 500 funds; maintain legal drain ledgers.