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Hendricks County Superior Court Probation

Department Mailing Address:
101 W. Marion Street
Danville, IN  46122

Phone Number:
(317)745-9264 - Probation
    (317)745-9263 - Home Detention
    (317)745-9319 - (Fax)

Office Hours:  Monday - Thursday, 8:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.  -  Friday, 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

    R. Todd McCormack, Director  -
    Gwyn Green, Assistant Director  -
    Steve Roberts, Home Detention Coordinator  -  (317)745-9263  

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    Community Service Work Verification Form
    Employers Who Hire Felons
    Intake Packet
    Matrix Class Information and Registration
    Orientation Pamphlet
    Orientation Pamphlet - Spanish Version
    Payment of Fees Information
    Substance Abuse Treatment Providers
    Survivors Speak Out Panel

The Hendricks County  Superior Court Probation provides the following services:
    The Superior Courts Probation Department offers traditional probation services, plus electronically monitored home detention, and Court based alcohol and drug services.

    Our Home Detention division has a capability of monitoring eighty offenders on home detention. All offenders placed on home detention are monitored with active radio frequency technology and breath testing equipment. The equipment uses phone lines and a central computer station to transmit information. We have two full-time home detention officers and one part-time officer that provide for immediate responses to all violations. All offenders must be screened using a risk assessment tool prior to sentencing and being placed on home detention. The goal of home detention is to provide an alternative to incarceration while protecting the public.

    Court based alcohol and drug services are provided by all probation officers. Each probation officer has attained and maintains a “professional status” per the requirement of the Indiana Judicial Center. We provide assessment services, urine screening, substance abuse education, and referral services. Assessments utilize a standardized and validated computer program called the NEEDS. This tool provides an alcohol assessment, risk, needs, and other test-taking attitude. The goal of the service is to provide the information, tools and skills to reduce and/or eliminate substance abuse.