Frequently Asked Questions:

(Q) Why is all of my property tax information available on the internet? 

(A)  Hendricks County has and still is experiencing tremendous growth.  Within the growth, come increased workloads to our staffs, but budgets are not growing enough to allow for additional staff.  In efforts to alleviate calls into our offices and allow time to get the additional work completed, we placed the information on the web.  All the information is the matter of public record and may be obtained by a phone call or visit to our offices.

(Q) How can I contact the Assessor with questions about my property?

(A)  A taxpayer may e-mail us at, or call (317)745-9207 for assistance.

(Q) Can I disagree with my assessment?

(A)  A taxpayer my appeal their assessment but not their tax amount.  A taxpayer should review their property record to ensure that the objective data is correct e.g. square footage, plumbing fixtures, finished attics and basements.  The bottom line assessment is most important.  If your assessment is not in the approximate area of the fair market value in use, then you may file a Form 130 with our office.

(Q) Why is my assessment $150,000 and I only paid $145,000?

(A)  Please remember we do mass appraisals, not fee appraisals like you mortgage lender may do. With mass appraisals there is usually going to be the high, low, and average assessments.

(Q) Is there any way I can reduce my property taxes?

(A)  Check with the Hendricks County Auditor to be sure you have all of the exemptions you are entitled to have.

Hendricks County Treasurer's Office

It is the mission of the Hendricks County Treasurer's Office to serve all customers to the best of our ability in a friendly, courteous, efficient, expeditious and professional manner while completing the duties bestowed upon this office as the financial officer.

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The Fall installment is due November 10, 2014. Please pay from your “B” copy of your statement. You will
NOT receive another statement in the mail. The Spring taxes due May 12, 2014 are now delinquent. If you have delinquencies, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at  to get the balance due on November 10, 2014. Click the blue box above to view, print, or pay your original statement at the time of billing which does not include delinquencies. You are not required to use the on-line system to pay to your tax bill.

Mailing Address for Tax Payments:
P.O. Box 2027
Indianapolis, IN  46206-2027

Address for Correspondence Only:
355 South Washington Street #215
Danville, IN  46122

Phone Number:  (317)745-9220

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.

    Nancy L. Marsh, Treasurer  -
    Shawn Shelley, Chief Deputy Treasurer  - 

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Documents & Information:
    Information about Direct Debit Tax Payments
    Contact the Treasurer's Office to see if you qualify for a monthly installment agreement.

The Hendricks County Treasurer's Office provides the following services:
    Collects the Following:
    -  Real Estate Taxes
    -  Personal Property Taxes
    -  Mobile Home Taxes
    -  Drain Maintenance
    -  Drain Reconstruction
    -  Sewer Liens
    -  Mowing Liens
    -  Conservancy liens
    -  Tax Judgments
    -  Inheritance Tax
    -  Innkeepers Tax
    Issues the Following:
    -  Mobile Home and/or Transfer Permits
    -  Alcoholic Beverage Commission Tax Clearance
    -  Inheritance Tax Receipts