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The Hendricks County Commissioners are the chief executive and the legislative body of county government.   County Commissioners are a three (3) member board elected to four (4) year term and the terms are staggered. The Commissioners represent three separate districts (in which they reside) but are elected by the voters of the entire County. The Hendricks County Commissioners have a wide range of executive and administrative authority. Among the duties and responsibilities are the following:

  • Develop and adopt policies, resolutions and ordinances governing the unincorporated areas of Hendricks County and the functions of County government.
  • Receive bids and authorize contracts.
  • Control, maintain and supervise all county property including but not limited to the court house, the government center and the jail.
  • Audit and authorize claims against the County.
  • Authorize the construction and the maintenance of roads and bridges including those bridges within the town boundaries.
  • Lead the development of economic development projects and programs to attract and retain jobs in Hendricks County.
  • Lead a number of departments directly reporting to the Commissioners including the following: Human Resources, Highway, Engineering & Facilities Management, Cypress Manor (County Home), Veterans Services, Computer Center, Animal Shelter & Control, Emergency Management, Weights & Measures and Clean Water.
  • Serve with the county surveyor and two citizen members as members of the County Drainage Board.
  • Serve as the board of directors for the Hendricks County Regional Sewer District.
  • Serve on the Hendricks County Solid Waste District Board.
  • Approve the issuing of bonds or notes in connection with borrowing money for the county (subject to approval of the county council).
  • Make appointments to boards, commissions and other agencies, as provided by law.
  • Serve on numerous service and civic boards in the County.       


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District 1 - Bob Gentry 317-682-7729
Townships: Center, Clay, Eel River, Franklin, Marion, Middle, Liberty, Union

District 2 - Dennis Dawes
Townships: Brown, Lincoln, Washington (North)

District 3 - Phyllis A. Palmer
Townships: Guilford, Washington (South)

Administrator to the County Commissioners: R. Todd McCormack

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