Multi Function Device (copiers/printers) RFP

HCG MFD RFP 5/2021 Document

RFP Questions and Answers

Q.  Are the Ricoh Fleet volumes available?

A.  Yes, to view the totals, click here for PDF  or Click here for Excel Doc

Q.  Do the desktop printers also utilize PaperCut?

A.  They reside in PaperCut and PaperCut collects statistics on desktop printers, but they are not managed within PaperCut.  Future assistance on how to utilize PaperCut on desktop printers is part of the RFP.

Q.  Do the desktop printers need RFID readers?

A.  No, at this time, we do not require RFID readers on desktop printers.

Q. Are the current A4 MFP devices to be replaced with new A4 MFP devices?

A. No, there are no requirements to replace current desktop A4 MFP devices with new A4 MFP devices. The intent is to standardize devices so any current A4 devices will be evaluated and if replaced, it will be with an A3 device or a standard printer.

Q.  Are the total number of printing and copying impressions for 2019 and 2020 listed in the RFP an average or total for the 2 years?

A.  The numbers listed in the RFP were an average of the years 2019 and 2020.  Click here for a complete breakdown of the last 2 years.

Q.  What is the current version of PaperCut and how many devices are registered?

A.  PaperCut current version - 18.3.2 (Build 47391) and licensed for 51 devices, 47 are currently registered.

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