COVID-19 Event Planning

With the issuance of Indiana’s Executive Order 20-50, effective December 13, 2020, local health departments may no longer provide approval for social gatherings or events above the limit set in the county’s color coded designation. The executive order that supports this announcement may be found at:

It is recommended that social gatherings be cancelled or postponed. However, if a social gathering cannot be cancelled or postponed, the host of a social gathering must ensure social distancing, requirements can be achieved and maintained, face coverings are worn, and other sanitation measures are implemented at the site where the gatherings occurs.

The size of social gatherings and events shall be limited on the county’s color-coded metric as follows:

  • Counties designated as Red may have up to a total of 25 individuals present.
  • Counties designated as Orange may have up to a total of 50 individuals present.
  • Counties designated as Yellow may have up to a total of 100 individuals present.
  • Counties designated as Blue may have up to a total of 250 individuals present.

On November 13, 2020, Governor Holcomb signed Executive Order 20-48, which implements specific pandemic requirements for all counties to abide by based on their level of COVID-19 spread. These levels are separated by color-categories: Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Red, with red being the highest level of spread and blue being the smallest. The most recent map with color-coded metrics may be found at:

*Please note that the advisory level (not the weekly 2-Metric Score) refers to the current guidelines the county must follow. To see the advisory level on the map, you must adjust the map filter or hover over/click the county of interest.

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