Cypress Manor

A Residential Care Facility

Owned and Operated by the People of Hendricks County 

Established 1868

MISSION: Cypress Manor exists to serve the indigent of Hendricks County who are in need of residential care and supportive services.

VISION: Cypress Manor will encourage independence and motivate each resident to make decisions aimed at achieving the highest possible level of self-sufficiency.


Cypress Manor Values:

  • Community: Cypress Manor was built by a decision of the Hendricks County Commissioners as a County Home in 1868, for the purpose of serving the needs of Hendricks County’s indigent population. We serve the community and invite participation of the citizens of Hendricks County in the role of volunteers to ensure the vitality of our service as well as provide an outlet for charitable activities.
  • Respect: While Cypress Manor serves the indigent of Hendricks County, we will respect the personal dignity of each resident. We will also respect each employee and value them as an important part of the care structure we provide.
  • Communication: Cypress Manor will provide a communication system involving each resident and all internal and external care providers. We will ensure residents are informed of issues pertinent to their care and quality of life. All care providers are vital to this commitment and we will ensure they are informed of matters affecting those who receive their care.
  • Progress: Cypress Manor will commit to the progress of each resident through coordination of services and methodical follow-up with treatments as prescribed by care providers. Cypress Manor will seek to maintain a forward-thinking mindset in relation to the well being of each resident.
  • Service: Above all, Cypress Manor is a service-oriented facility. This orientation will be apparent in all facets of our operation and will be consistently demonstrated in our staff and Administration as we fulfill the duties of our employment. This service orientation will be conditioned by the express purpose of fulfilling the values stated above.
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