2024 Primary Election Training Dates and Times

Early and Satellite Training

Arrival Time-8:30AM to meet with Erin to get papers filed for payroll

Training Begins @ 9:30 AM sharp. Please be here early enough that you can be finished with paperwork and in the training room when training starts.

Election Day Training

Clerk & Judge Training- April 25th  @ 5:30

April 27th @ 8:00 AM or 10:00 AM- Please call and choose which time you would like to come.

Inspector Training

May 4th @ 8:00 AM

What a Great Opportunity to Serve your Community!

Thank You...Let us take this opportunity to thank all of you that have ever served as a poll worker on election day. We hope election day continues to be a rewarding experience for you. Your dedication is appreciated, we could not have an election without our WORKERS!

We are looking for good citizens to become part of our election day team. We strive to give quality service at our Vote Centers and have been able to do so because of our dedicated poll workers.

To become a Poll Worker, call your County Party Chairman to be appointed to a position.

Democrat Party:  Cindy Hohman   hcdemschair@gmail.com   

Republican Party:  Anne Engelhardt    chairman@hendricksgop.com

or Jerry Nadin   jlnadin@gmail.com 

You must: 

  • Be a registered voter in Hendricks County 
  • Be able to read, write and speak the English language 
  • Have no property bet or wagered on the election 
  • Not be a candidate for election, except an unopposed candidate for precinct committeeman or delegate to state convention
  • Not be related to any candidate for office by birth, marriage or adoption, except an unopposed candidate
  • Not be the chairman or treasurer of a candidates committee, if you are the inspector. 

Election Day Duties at the Polling Site

Each of the Vote Centers are staffed with an "Election Board". The board consists of one Inspector of the Republican party, equal representation of Clerks and Judges from the Republican and Democrat parties. The duties include but are not limited to:


  • Chairs the precinct board (with two judges) and acts as manager of the precinct
  • Attends a training session and picks up election supplies (including Poll Pads, ballots and forms) at least two days before the election
  • Contacts all workers for their respective polling site and schedules set up of polling site
  • Administers an oath to all poll workers
  • Announces the opening and closing of the polls
  • Checks photo ID
  • May challenge voters
  • Returns all election supplies to the county election board on election evening    


  • Assists the Inspector in making decisions on matters that come before the precinct election board
  • Provides instructions to voters when asked about the ballot or voting procedures
  • May assist voters with impairments
  • May check photo ID 
  • May challenge voters 
  • Checks each machine after voter votes to be sure vote was completed
  • Assists Inspector with other duties when Inspector is assisting another voter                                             
  • Sets voting machine for each new voter 


  • The primary function of the Clerk is checking voters in with their Driver's License or Valid ID.
  • Assists voters in signing the Poll Pad, being sure all information is included and legible
  • Assists Inspector with other duties when Inspector is assisting another voter
  • In a Primary Election, the Clerk must insure that the voter has been given the proper party designation.

Poll Worker Compensation 

Inspector: $220.00 ($135.00 election day, $40.00 Training & Supply pickup, $25.00 supply return. $20.00 meal stipend) 

Clerk and Republican Judge: $180.00 ($135.00 election day, $20.00 meal stipend, $25.00 for training, if applicable) 

Democrat Judge: $205.00 ($135.00 election day, $20.00 meal stipend, $25.00 for training, $25.00 supply return)