For a Computer    (Smart Phone steps are below)         


Step 1 - Go to                                                   

     abs s1              


Step 2 - On the home screen, Click on VOTE BY MAIL OR TRAVEL BOARD  

            abs s2   


  Step 3 -  Click on VISIT MY VOTER PORTAL   

      abs s3   


 Step 4 - A pop-up window comes up asking for your First & Last Name, Date of Birth and the County you live in. Complete this and click SUBMIT. 

             abs s4



   Step 5Choose VOTE BY MAIL and your application will open. Once you are done filling out the form, just click SUBMIT.

               abs s5      

For Mobile Online ABS - Mail Application

The steps are the same as the steps above, the screens are just adjusted for a mobile phone.

Samples are below.

mobile site image          mobile public site image 2      mobile public site 3