The Sheriff of the county is tasked with assisting in the collection of monies owed to the Indiana Department of Revenue through a process of Tax Warrants. A Tax Warrant is not an arrest warrant. Instead, this is a chance to make voluntary restitution for taxes owed. Tax Warrants are issued by written letter, never by telephone. If you receive a written Tax Warrant, please read the letter in its entirety and follow these steps.


Tax Warrant Instructions:

  1. If you are disputing the amount owed, call the Department of Revenue at

317/232-2240. Do not call the Hendricks County Sheriff's Office, as this agency has nothing to do with setting the amount of taxes owed.

  1. After you have read your letter and wish to set up a payment plan, you may call the Hendricks County Sheriff's office at 317/745-6269. You have up to 12 months from the date of issuance of the tax warrant to pay, so long as monthly payments are being made. We request a 20% down payment of the total amount owed.  Once your payment information is received, the State will be notified of your intention to meet the tax


Tax Warrant Payment Methods:

  1. Tax warrant payments can be paid online using the following website:
  2. Mail - Payable to:

Hendricks County Sheriff's Office

189 East Campus Blvd  PO Box 87

Danville, IN 46122

Attn:  Tax Warrants

  1. Money Order/Cashier's Check-Write the Tax Warrant Number on the
  2. Cash - ONLY if paid in person at the Administrative Office of the Hendricks County Sheriff's Office, Monday- Friday, 8 m. - 4 p.m.


Report Scams:

If you receive a phone call threatening arrest for a Tax Warrant, please hang up and call the Department of Revenue at 317/232-2165 or the Sheriff's Office at 317/745-6269 to verify tax warrant.