Process Guide

Point of Contact (POC): Gary Sowers
317-718-6107 ·

Step 1:  Find submittal date based on when you plan to attend the Drainage Board Meeting.

  • Please see the schedule for all meeting dates and deadlines.

Step 2:  Submit project documents via OneDrive by the deadline.

  • Please request a OneDrive link if needed.
  • Submit copies to Christopher Burke Engineering.
  • Submittals must include the following:

Step 3:  Determine fees due and submit payment by the deadline.

  • We accept checks via mail or in-person delivery.

Step 4:  Attend the Drainage Board Meeting.

  • A representative must attend the meeting to present the project for approval. Failure to attend will result in a continuance to the next month.

Step 5:  Submit revisions and pay additional fees if required.

  • Revisions must be submitted by the Tuesday following the TAC meeting.
  • Submit copies to Christopher Burke Engineering.

Step 6:  Submit as-builts when project is complete.

Please note:

  • All projects submitted to Planning & Building Department are required to go before the Drainage Board.
  • Projects located within corporate limits of cities/towns may not require Drainage Board approval. Please reach out to the POC for guidance.
  • Other Departments may have additional requirements. Please contact the following: