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Hendricks County does not currently participate in the DLGF’s Gateway online submission. All sales disclosures must come into the Assessor’s Office Sales Disclosure area by walk-in, mail, or by electronic document filing through the SimpliFile system. When entered into our software, a SDF ID number is assigned and the SDF Date, then files are uploaded to the Gateway Sales Database approximately once a week. Always be sure to fill the form out completely, answer all questions, and please include any notes that will help us determine validity of the sale.

What is a Sales Disclosure Form and when is one needed?

A Sales Disclosure Form is required by the State of Indiana with property title transfers, if there is “valuable consideration”. If money is being exchanged for the property, then a Sales Disclosure is required. A Sales Disclosure is NOT required in the instance of “$1” or “$10” if no money is actually exchanged. These amounts are not considered valid amounts for sales disclosure purposes. If submitting a Deed without a Sales Disclosure, please be sure to note on the document why there is no Sales Disclosure. Example: “Father giving to daughter”, a post-it note works. If a Sales Disclosure is NOT needed, the Assessor’s office will NOT accept one just for applying for the homestead. Below is a link to the DLGF’s “Sales Disclosure Form FAQ” then click on “Search Sales Disclosure Database” then click on “FAQ”. Another helpful tool is the following: SD Form & Fee - necessary

Any situations outside of the above mentioned, does require a call to the Assessor’s office to ask if a Sales Disclosure is required or not.

Sales Questionnaire

Useful links:

Sales Disclosure Form -  4 pages must be submitted

Sales Disclosure Form - INSTRUCTIONS

Sales Disclosure Form - Frequently Asked Questions

Link to Hendricks County Sales Database: click on Hendricks County Property Taxes, then click on “To Search for Sales Disclosures, click this link”, this list is basic—cannot get more detail than you see.

Link to State of Indiana/DLGF’s Sales Database: then “search” button.

Contact Hendricks County Auditor for filing fees (Hendricks County Assessor does NOT collect fees) and for homestead questions at 317-745-9300.

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