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Hendricks County does not currently participate in the DLGF’s Gateway online submission. All sales disclosures must come into the Assessor’s Office Sales Disclosure area by walk-in, mail, or by electronic document filing through the SimpliFile system. When entered into our software, a SDF ID number is assigned and the SDF Date, then files are uploaded to the Gateway Sales Database approximately once a week. Always be sure to fill the form out completely, answer all questions, and please include any notes that will help us determine validity of the sale.

What is a Sales Disclosure Form and when is one needed?

A Sales Disclosure Form is required by the State of Indiana with property title transfers, if there is “valuable consideration”. If money is being exchanged for the property, then a Sales Disclosure is required. A Sales Disclosure is NOT required in the instance of “$1” or “$10” if no money is actually exchanged. These amounts are not considered valid amounts for sales disclosure purposes. If submitting a Deed without a Sales Disclosure, please be sure to note on the document why there is no Sales Disclosure. Example: “Father giving to daughter”, a post-it note works. If a Sales Disclosure is NOT needed, the Assessor’s office will NOT accept one just for applying for the homestead. Below is a link to the DLGF’s “Sales Disclosure Form FAQ” then click on “Search Sales Disclosure Database” then click on “FAQ”. Another helpful tool is the following: SD Form & Fee - necessary

Any situations outside of the above mentioned, does require a call to the Assessor’s office to ask if a Sales Disclosure is required or not.

Sales Questionnaire

Useful links:

Sales Disclosure Form - INSTRUCTIONS

Sales Disclosure Form - Frequently Asked Questions

Link to State of Indiana/DLGF’s Sales Database: then “search” button.

Contact Hendricks County Auditor for filing fees (Hendricks County Assessor does NOT collect fees) and for homestead questions at 317-745-9300.