2024 Plan Commission Meeting Schedule

Hendricks County Area Plan Commission rules for public hearings;

  • During the public hearing portion of the meeting, speakers must give a name and address at the podium and speak for no more than 3 minutes, or up to 10 minutes if representing a group.
  • Comments by remonstrators shall be directed to the Commission and not to the applicant or any other person.
  • Discourteous, disorderly or contemptuous conduct shall be regarded as a breach of courtesy. The President may order that person expelled from the meeting.
  • We ask that comments not be repeated, including reciting previously received written comments. We ask that speakers present only new information.
  • Every person appearing shall abide by the directions of the President of the Plan Commission.
  • Once all testimony is taken, the public portion of the hearing is closed, and no further testimony will be taken.
  • The Petitioner will have the opportunity to respond to remarks made by remonstrators and answer additional questions from the Commission.
  • The Commission may ask questions at any time.

The Hendricks County Area Plan Commission is responsible for reviewing and approving the physical development in its jurisdiction. The jurisdiction includes the unincorporated county and the towns of Amo, North Salem, Coatesville, and Stilesville.

      Membership         Staff
   Brad Whicker, President   Tim Dombrosky, Director
   Damon Palmer, Vice-President   
   Bob Gentry   Anna Wozniak, Secretary
   Walt O’Riley
   Margaret Gladden  
   Tom Whitaker  
   Ron Kneeland  


Check the map below for current agendas and project submittals.

N.B. Applicants may request that a hearing be continued after the public has been notified. Please check the agenda regularly or call the office as staff will do it's best to update it with requests for continuance. This request may need to be made at the scheduled meeting, and the Commission may choose not to grant the request.


 Current Plan Commission Projects:

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Applications: Rules of Procedure:
Development Plan Review Procedure Packet Plan Commission Rules of Procedure 2006
Major Plat Procedure Packet  
Minor Plat Procedure Packet  
Minor Residential Plat Procedure Packet  
Rezoning Procedure Packet  
Exempt Subdivision Packet



        2024 Plan Commission Meeting Schedule

Please check with the Plan Commission office for the status of regularly scheduled Plan Commission meetings.


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