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All Property Taxes are due each year on May 10th and November 10th providing they do not fall on the weekend. 

Your tax statement you receive in the Spring will be the only notice you will receive for payment of both installments.  They will be marked Copy A for Spring, Copy B for Fall and Copy C is the portion you keep for your records.

Penalties will be applied after the due date.  If there are no prior delinquencies, a five percent (5%) penalty will be added if the installment of the tax bill is paid within thirty (30) calendar days after the due date.  A ten percent (10%) penalty will be added if an installment of the tax bill is not paid within thirty (30) calendar days after the due date or there are prior delinquencies. 

Assessor’s Officeplaces an Assessment value on the property. The taxpayer’s right to appeal an assessment can be found at IC 6-1.1-15.  The Treasurer is the Financial Officer and custodian of all money belonging to the County and as such is vested with the authority and is charged with the duty of collecting all taxes and assessments which are due and payable to the County, pursuant to statute. The property tax process is complicated. Due to strict laws and segregation of duties, three departments, working in cooperation, complete the process. Simplified, here is the process:

Auditor’s Office - applies the deductions, exemptions, and calculates the tax amount. No deduction is automatic and various restrictions apply. Information on deductions can be found at 6-1.1. 

Treasurer’s Office - bills and collects the taxes. You cannot appeal the dollar amount of your taxes but you can appeal the assessment with the Assessor’s Office and verify with the Auditor’s Office that the deductions have been applied.


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