Land is classified in 3 general ways based on use: Agricultural, Residential or Commercial/Industrial.

The following are a few scenarios that would indicate the need for land reclassification:

  1. The land was classified as Agricultural but no longer meets the definition of agricultural use, so therefore it was changed to the correct classification, typically residential.  In many cases the land may have been classified incorrectly for many years.  As we proceed with our cyclical reassessment, we have discovered many instances of this type of scenario.   
  2. The land was classified as Agricultural but has been purchased for commercial/industrial development.
  3. Residential land that is being planted & cut for hay may be reclassified as Agricultural.  An Affidavit for Ag Use of Residential Land would need to be filed with our Office.  This Affidavit can be found under Forms on the Assessor page. 

Classified Forest & Wildlands Program

Woodland Property

Hardwood Timber Land Management Plan

Agricultural Properties


Per Indiana Code, IC 6-1.1-4-13 Land shall be assessed as agricultural only when it is devoted to agricultural use.   The definition of agricultural use as defined in IC 36-7-4-616(b) land used in the production of livestock, livestock products, equine or equine products, land designated as a conservation reserve plan, pastureland, poultry or poultry products, horticultural, nursery stock, fruit, farming operations, timer lands and crops such as corn, soy beans, wheat, hemp, barley, oats, and tobacco for the primary purpose of obtaining a monetary profit and sustaining the household.   

Agricultural use of Residential land in ways of non-traditional farming and Hobby farm classification

There are residential properties that are using some of the land for agricultural purposes.   (Examples of this would be planting and harvesting wheat, oats, barley, corn, etc. or cutting, bailing, and selling hay that is either native or supplemented with seed.) If you are producing or leasing a portion of your land to produce hay, please fill out the form below.

Hendricks County understands that there are various uses outside of the Indiana Code for agricultural land. With more people utilizing their property to supplement their income and/or to be more self-sufficient we have added more opportunities for the assessed value of the land to be lowered to accommodate these various uses.  A Hobby Farm is a parcel of land that has animals such as horses, sheep, cows, pigs etc. These animals are not the main source of income for the household and are considered a pet or Hobby.  The land needed to support the product or animal used for 4-H purposes would fall into this category.  Also included as a Hobby Farm would be raising animals for meat production or by-products such as eggs, or growing vegetables to be sold at farmer’s markets.  If you fall into one of these categories, please fill out the form below.