Land Classification

Land is classified in 3 general ways based on use: Agricultural, Residential or Commercial/Industrial.

The following are a few scenarios that would indicate the need for land reclassification:

  1. The land was classified as Agricultural but no longer meets the definition of agricultural use, so therefore it was changed to the correct classification, typically residential.  In many cases the land may have been classified incorrectly for many years.  As we proceed with our cyclical reassessment, we have discovered many instances of this type of scenario.   
  2. The land was classified as Agricultural but has been purchased for commercial/industrial development.
  3. Residential land that is being planted & cut for hay may be reclassified as Agricultural.  An Affidavit for Ag Use of Residential Land would need to be filed with our Office.  This Affidavit can be found under Forms on the Assessor page. 

Classified Forest & Wildlands Program

Woodland Property

Hardwood Timber Land Management Plan

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