Property Transfers

A new deed must be recorded any time you want to:

  • Add/remove a name from title
  • Place property into the ownership of a trust/business name
  • Convey the property to a separate individual(s)
  • Split/combine property

In addition to the requirements and fees of the Recorder's office and Assessor's office, these are the items that will be necessary for a deed to be approved by the Auditor's office:

  • Correct names of the grantors/sellers, including how they hold title to the property
  • Valid legal description of the property
  • Signatures (notarized) of all the grantors/sellers
  • Statement detailing where future tax bills should be mailed
  • Cash/check (payable to the Hendricks County Auditor) in the amount of $10 per parcel being transferred

While it is possible to prepare and record a deed on your own, it is not recommended. This is a complicated legal process and utilizing a title company or attorney is in your own best interest. 

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