Clandestine Methamphetamine (meth) is an extremely addictive stimulant drug that can easily be made from ordinary household products in a house, garage, motel room or vehicle. 

Cooking and smoking meth leaves behind toxic waste and chemicals that are flammable, corrosive, and acidic. When mixed together the chemicals are highly explosive. The toxic waste can cause internal damage to organs and leaves a toxic residue on surfaces, in porous materials, and in HVAC systems.  This contamination can affect anyone exposed to it such as law enforcement officers, fire department personnel, and property owners, however children may be more susceptible to the exposures than adults because their body systems are still developing; they eat more, drink more and breathe more in proportion to their body size; and their behavior can expose them more to chemicals.  410 IAC 38 requires the inspection and clean up of a property contaminated with chemicals used in the illegal manufacturer of a controlled substance.

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  • You must hire an IDEM-certified cleanup contractor to complete an initial assessment to determine the level of contamination; what cleanup procedures will be required, clean the property and certify it has been properly cleaned. Cleanup methods depend upon the level of contamination. A property owner may be able, under the direct supervision of a Qualified Inspector, to do some of the work; however, the property owner should not undertake any steps without first talking to the cleanup contractor, as some work may complicate the cleanup or interfere with the testing.
  • You must clean up your property before you reoccupy it; allow anyone else to occupy it; or sell it. 
  • Failure to clean your property leaves you open to liability for injury to others from exposure to dangerous chemicals. 
  • Once cleanup is complete, the property must again be tested to confirm it meets the State's cleanup level.
  • Your Certified Inspector will provide you with a "Certificate of Decontamination" that certifies the property has been properly cleaned.


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