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The Hendricks County Health Partnership is a sustainable partnership that serves as a voice for health improvement in Hendricks County.


The Hendricks County Health Partnership will create an environment that encourages optimal health for all Hendricks County residents.


In early 2010, the Hendricks County Health Department invited community members, leaders, and organizations to work together to address local health issues. A group of about 20 local health advocates met and formed the Hendricks County Health Partnership. Since then, the Partnership has expanded its membership to include various health agencies and businesses serving Hendricks County and is taking a three-pronged approach to addressing the health needs of the community:

  • The Partnership will maintain county health data and identify the health needs of Hendricks County by conducting a community health assessment every three years. This year, the Partnership released the 2016 Hendricks County Community Health Assessment, which identified five new health improvement priority areas:

    • Accessing and Utilizing Health Care

    • Mental Wellness

    • Substance Abuse

    • Physical Activity and Nutrition

    • Tobacco Use

  • The Partnership will develop and maintain a community health improvement plan to address the identified health needs of the county. This year, the Partnership released the 2016 Hendricks County Community Health Improvement Plan to address the priority areas listed above.

  • The Partnership will support agencies and businesses working to improve health and wellness in Hendricks County by providing networking opportunities, training, and promotion of community events. The Partnership hosts quarterly meetings that allow partners to network and share information while providing a free presentation on relevant public health topics. Additionally, partners can share event information through the Partnership’s Facebook page.