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(Q) Where do I get a building permit? 
(A)  The building permits are issued by the Planning & Building Department located on the ground floor on the north side of the Government Center at 355 South Washington Street in Danville, IN  46122.

(Q)  Where do I pay my property taxes?

(A) Property taxes are paid in the Treasurer's Office, see the Treasurer's Office page for other options.  Their office is located on the top floor of the Government Center on the south side at 355 South Washington Street in Danville, IN  46122.

Welcome to Hendricks County Government
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The Fall installment is due November 10, 2014. Please pay from your “B” copy of your statement. You will NOT receive another statement in the mail. The Spring taxes due May 12, 2014 are now delinquent. If you have delinquencies, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at  to get the balance due on November 10, 2014. Click the yellow box below to view, print, or pay your original statement at the time of billing which does not include delinquencies. You are not required to use the on-line system to pay to your tax bill.

Hendricks County Office Locations
Housed in Courthouse Housed in Government Center Other Locations
Child Support Division Assessor's Office Animal Control/Shelter
Clerk's Office Auditor's Office Cypress Manor
Hendricks Probation Dept. Clean Water Fairgrounds Complex
Hendricks Superior Court 1 Computer Center Hendricks County Museum
Hendricks Superior Court 2 County Administrator Hendricks County Parks
Hendricks Superior Court 3 County Commissioners Highway Department
Hendricks Superior Court 4 County Council Purdue Extension
Hendricks Superior Court 5 Emergency Management Sheriff's Department
Prosecuting Attorney Engineering Department Soil & Water Conservation
Health Department Solid Waste District
Human Resources Work Release Facility
Planning & Building
Recorder's Office
Surveyor's Office
Treasurer's Office
Veteran's Service
Voter Registration
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